Lower prices for Vauxhall Corsa e as range is updated for 2021

Vauxhall is making the switch to electric easier with lower on-the-road prices across the all-electric Corsa-e range, as part of its 2021 model updates to both the Corsa and Corsa-e. Alongside the new on-the-road prices for the new all-electric Corsa-e, the 2021 Corsa and Corsa-e models feature new styling updates, a wider trim selection and new engines for the Corsa.

Order banks for the 2021 Corsa and Corsa-e are already open. Prices for the Corsa start from £16,440 in SE trim, while the all-electric Corsa-e starts from £26,640 in SE Nav Premium trim.


A key change for 2021 models is the on-the-road price reduction across every all-electric Corsa-e variant, with savings of more than £1,000 on-the-road for entry-level SE Nav Premium models, making the fully electric model more affordable.

All Corsa-e trim levels have also been renamed for 2021, and now include ‘Premium’ as part of the new naming structure in recognition of the standard equipment levels. The Corsa-e is available in SE Nav Premium, SRi Nav Premium and Elite Nav Premium.

New for the Corsa-e 2021 model line-up is the sportier SRi Nav Premium trim which adds 17-inch alloy wheels, sports seats, specific SRi interior with red accents, dark-tinted rear windows and sports pedals. This means customers looking for a sporty Corsa can now choose between the petrol and diesel variants, as well as the all-electric Corsa-e.

All Corsa-e models feature a 50kWh battery and 100kW (134bhp) electric motor, capable of up to 209 miles from a single charge. Supporting up to 100kW rapid charging, an 80 per cent charge can be achieved in just 30 minutes.

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