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Hi Doc,


I have now discovered for sure that my Focus has a 2.0-litre TDCi Mondeo Engine, 2007 to 2012. I think I told you that I had suspected it was not the original engine, and I suppose I should have guessed that before now! So I have gone and bought a Mondeo ownerís manual from Haynes, which covers everything, except the Powershift transmission. The only thing that I am now desperate to know is how to get rid of an annoying on-screen display message advising that an oil change is due, although the oil was changed two weeks ago. Perhaps I will have to find a friendly Ford agent! I will keep reading the magazine and pestering you for more information!


All the best,

Albert Nunn


There is no automatic reset of the oil service advisory light on the car. I mean, how would it know that you, or a garage, had changed the oil? But then, cars will be driving themselves before long, and I suppose it is not beyond today’s technology to somehow avoid the necessity for a manual reset. Perhaps they could engineer a sensor on the oil filter, such that when it was removed and replaced with a new one, it would somehow or another reset the warning light. Anyway, do let me know if the reset procedure below works, which I think it will. 


Ford oil change light ñ reset. Turn ignition to ëoní so the error comes up on the screen and the orange console light also illuminates. Do not start the engine. Press and hold both the brake and accelerator pedals down for 20 seconds. Turn the ignition off and then on, the error/notification should no longer be present.


But I am fascinated, Albert, by the fact that you seem to possibly be using an old-fashioned straight 30 grade oil, as advised by the handbook. Can you tell me a bit more about this, and whether they perhaps also specify an alternative multi-grade oil? This is very strange to read in 2019, when I thought such oils had virtually disappeared, other than for veteran and vintage car and motorcycle engines, back in the last century!


Best regards, 

Doc Diesel


(P.S. The oil service light reset worked, and Albert is very pleased! He also confirmed that, as I rather expected, the engine was filled with the correct 10W-30 oil!)

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