Kia launches new Graduate programme

With the economy and the jobs market still in the doldrums Kia Motors (UK) Ltd., – Britain’s fastest growing automotive retail brand – is doing its bit to help with the launch of a graduate training programme.

Kia has enjoyed immense growth in the UK new car market during the last 18 months and despite the impact of the scrappage scheme the brand’s normal retail sales have surged even more during the first half of 2010. So, with that underlying strength behind it the company has decided that during the second half of 2010 it will launch a dedicated graduate employment and training scheme to help some of Britain’s young post-graduate talent get a foot on the working ladder.

Gary Tomlinson, Head of Human Resources explained: “As many as one in 10 UK graduates failed to find a job last year and prospects for 2010 are just as gloomy. “At Kia we have a growing brand, a growing company and consequently growing opportunities both for our existing staff and for potential new recruits. We have decided that we will launch a specific 12 month training and employment programme for new graduates who want to work in a challenging and exciting environment with one of the motor industry’s rising stars.

“During the last quarter of 2010 we shall recruit five graduates specifically to join Kia on 12 month contracts with a view to providing them and the company with opportunities and support in vital areas of the business such as sales, marketing, after-sales and logistics, finance and our dedicated dealer training service.

“We are looking for ambitious and talented individuals who possess the potential to forge a career within our rapidly growing organisation. Candidates should posses the ability to work effectively within our team orientated culture, be quick learners, with the capability to adapt to an ever changing environment,” he added.

Graduates can find more information about Kia at

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