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Jaguar XF D200 AWD R-Dynamic S Automatic

The announcement earlier this year that Jaguar plans to ditch internal combustion engines by 2025 and become a pure electric brand largely overshadowed the arrival of its facelifted range of products for 2021. Jaguar boss Thierry Bolloré boldly declared that its existing model range would be jettisoned and replaced by a totally new design language to be masterminded by Land Rover design boss Gerry McGovern. While there’s never a good time to announce news that will stun, the timing meant that the message that Jaguar was launching its best products yet largely went ignored. But the big news for the XF is a price re-adjustment, with the latest car costing around £4,000 cheaper than before, and that’s despite the significant upgrades and a longer list of equipment. Compared to its Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz rivals, it truly is the bargain of the century.

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