Improved Mitsubishi L200 can tow 3.5 tonnes

An increase in towing capacity to 3.5 tonnes headlines the latest improvements to the Mitsubishi L200 pickup. Mitsubishi says the L200 is the only pickup that can tow 3.5-tonnes on tarmac in four-wheel drive.

Extra strengthening has been added to key load-bearing areas of the chassis with the result that 3.5-tonne towing capacity is now possible with three-axle braked trailers, while a towing capacity of up to 3.1 tonnes is possible with one- or two-axle braked trailers and a towing capacity of 0.75 tonnes is possible regardless of the number of axles or whether or not the trailer is braked.

With more tyres in contact with the road, three-axle trailers offer improved straight line stability compared to two-axle trailers, while braking ability and weight distribution are also greatly enhanced, as is low-speed manoeuvrability and controllability in the event of a tyre blowout. Mitsubishi has also developed a new heavy-duty towbar that is rated for use up to 3.5 tonnes.

Towing is further aided with the standard fitment of the advanced Trailer Stability Assist system, which works to brake independent wheels on the Mitsubishi L200 to restore stability should the trailer start to ‘snake’, and in addition to its enhanced towing capability, the Mitsubishi L200 also offers a bed payload of up to 590kg at its maximum towing weight.

The latest Mitsubishi L200 is further enhanced with Mitsubishi’s touchscreen- and voice-controlled Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) infotainment system, which links with the majority of popular smartphones to allow the driver to make and receive calls, access text messages, listen to music and use the phone’s native satellite navigation systems for the most up-to-date mapping and traffic information. SDA also integrates the vehicle’s reversing camera display to assist when hitching up a trailer.

Priced from £19,000 (CV List Price), the Mitsubishi L200 is available in single, club and double cab body styles.

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