Hyundai unveils Bayon compact SUV

Hyundai Motor has revealed the new Hyundai Bayon – an all-new crossover SUV designed specifically for Europe. As a B-segment SUV, Bayon will be the latest and smallest member of Hyundai’s expanding SUV family.

In line with Hyundai’s existing SUV naming strategy, Bayon’s name was inspired by a vacation hotspot: Bayonne, the capital of the French Basque Country and what the company describes as one of the most beautiful destinations in the south-west of France. As Bayon is designed to meet the demands of the European market, the company decided to give it a European name.

“As the SUV body type continues growing in popularity throughout the world, Hyundai saw a demand for a model capable of navigating European cities while at the same time providing enough space to meet customers’ needs,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product at Hyundai Motor Europe. “Class-leading connectivity and safety features, a sharp and distinctive design, and the integration of Hyundai’s signature 48-volt mild hybrid technology make Bayon stand out in its segment.”

With Bayon, Hyundai has now launched or enhanced seven new models in just 12 months – or 20, counting all body types and powertrain variations making 2020 a record year for its fleet expansion.

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