How investing in a diesel car could save you money on your motoring costs

It’s little coincidence that, for the first time, ever, sales of diesel cars have now taken 50 per cent of the market. For a long time, petrol vehicles had dominated the industry, but a marked increase in the level of fuel efficiency in diesel engines has led the way for change. And while diesel prices are inherently higher than the price of petrol, vehicles which are run on diesel will generally offer you more miles to the gallon, this means that they are a better investment in the long-run.

It’s therefore little wonder that over the past year, the sales of petrol vehicles have been falling at a steady rate while the sales of diesel cars have risen by 35 per cent in the last 12 months. This shift in the market has led car manufacturers to change the way in which they make them. And this greater demand for fuel-efficient diesel engines is being met in order to prevent the need for waiting lists on popular models like the VW Polo BlueMotion.

So what benefits does this have for the consumer?

With current fuel prices reaching nearly as much as £1.50 in some parts of the UK, coupled with expensive car insurance premiums, it’s fair to say that it’s not cheap to run a car. But what if it were possible to save money through more fuel-efficient vehicles such as diesel cars? While it will save on fuel, it could also save you money on taxation.

What do we mean? Well, owing to a government funded scheme which takes the form of a ‘Lower emissions zone’, which stretches across most of London, cars which are compliant with the regulations (namely fuel efficient vehicles) aren’t charged what is known as an emissions tax. And furthermore, cars which emit less than 100g/km of CO2 may even benefit from not having to pay road tax, at all. In addition to this, we can also benefit from lower insurance premiums if we drive more fuel-efficient vehicles, because quotes can often be determined by the environmental status of your car.

To sum up, diesel cars are proving to be extremely popular because they combine environmental benefits with financial savings. This offers consumers the chance to move some way towards being a little ‘greener’, without having to fork out a fortune to do so.


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