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Haynes Building a MINI

If you own a modern MINI, youíll need to be careful to pick up the right Haynes manual, as this latest publication explains how the car is built, rather than how to take one apart and repair it. The first Haynes publication of its type, it takes readers on a journey through MINI production at Plant Oxford, ever since the small car began production back in 2001. In fact, it goes even further back, first exploring the history of the new MINI and its design and development. Youíll be able to trace how a MINI is put together, with detailed illustrations of each step, from ëbody in whiteí to painting, assembly, testing, quality control and transportation to its owner. Thereís a history of the Oxford factory too, along with details of its layout and on-site facilities. The book is available direct from Haynes, online at Amazon and at all good bookshops.

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