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Happy Yankees – so they should be!

Greetings and salutations from Jim Gullicks in Munster, Indiana, USA. The sun is still shining here, even though Donald Trump is our new president. The sky has not come down, even though Trump has a dead cat velcroed to his head, Ha Ha! 

I am still reading Diesel Car with my tablet and it works just fine. My Golf TDI is also running just fine, and with no problems. Volkswagen made us and a lot of other TDI owners in the USA some offers that cannot be passed up. We have until September 2018 to sell our car back to Volkswagen and, since our car was only two months old when this went into effect, we will get all of our purchase price back ñ plus almost a third more for the inconvenience we have suffered. It was like winning the Volkswagen lottery! Diesel fuel in the US is about $2.29/gallon now. (about half the UK prices. Doc) This deal with Volkswagen allows us to drive the car for almost two more years with the only requirement that we do not put more than 12,000 miles per year on the car. I have gone a little overboard recently with my drone flying and I am flying planes and helicopters, but mostly drones.

Jim Gullicks

Well you (and all the other affected Volkswagen owners in the USA) certainly got a deal from Volkswagen, and it surely has cost them a packet. Did Donald Trump have anything to do with the deal, I wonder?

Over here, and all over Europe, there is absolutely no compensation whatsoever, and some people are still waiting for their software updates to be done! Lucky you! All the best with that car, and your drone flying!


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  1. VW did not make the offer voluntarily, it was the Judge of the courtcase who in his summary judgement ruled that VW in their guilt must compensate the consumer for the violation by VW of the emission regulations.

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