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Dear Doctor, I drive 2012 Octavia 1.6 TDI Estate. Last year, around mid-year, I was notified by Skoda UK that my car was affected by the emissions issue and that I would be notified when to take my car in for modification. Last November I was further notified by the DVSA that the modification had not yet been approved. Since then I have heard nothing from either Skoda UK or the DVSA. I have been on the Skoda and DVSA web sites and can find no information relating to this topic. I was wondering if you had heard anything, or if you could provide me with some contact details for the people at either Skoda UK or the DVSA, who could give me an update, as it all seems to have gone very quiet (not surprising when the government and its agents are involved).


Yours hopefully, 

Bill Smith


Hello Bill. I am not, I am afraid, being very helpful. Please see below the Skoda UK official response statement regarding the modification recall, that I have received today. It is probably no different from what you have had previously. Apparently, Skoda UK sees no call for any offer of apologies, or compensation for owner inconvenience, or even excuses for the delay. No doubt it is all masterminded at Volkswagen Group HQ, and Skoda, SEAT, Audi etc. have all been advised to say no more than this. It could be a long wait for 1.6 TDIs to get sorted, if they haven’t yet completed the 2.0 TDIs. So sorry that I can’t offer any more helpful information.


From Skoda UK:


“A technical solution has been drawn up for all vehicles, and approximately 380,000 vehicles have received approval from the authorities. Technical solutions will be implemented in all affected vehicles at our partners’ service centres. Skoda is starting with the first 2.0-litre engines; the affected 1.6-litre engine is expected to follow soon.”


Best regards,

Doc D


As you say, not very helpful. That is a typical corporate fob off. I am minded to see if anyone out there is considering a class action against VAG, as this sort of behaviour needs stamping on very firmly. For companies to treat their customers in such a cavalier fashion when they have been caught cheating on such a grand scale is simply not acceptable. I shall think very carefully when considering my next change, and will probably look to far eastern manufacturers in future, as they seem to treat their customers more fairly.


Many thanks for trying,


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  1. Just a bit of advice to Bill, don’t get the modification done whatever you do! I don’t own a 1.6 tdi car of any sort whether its VW, Skoda etc though I know they’re all the same but have read too many horror stories on the matter on other websites, see honest John for further proof. Basically the 1.6 fix has caused more problems with EGR valves failing at up to £800 depending on the car and injector failures as well amongst other issues. This can depend ultimately on the overall condition of the engine in the car and how it is run and treated but I do know that it makes the car harder on fuel as a good friend of mine’s father had a 1.6tdi Golf Plus which had the fix done and was much harder on fuel than before the fix, so much so he traded it in against a newer model. My brother has a 2.0 tdi Yeti and isn’t getting it done due to the issues with the 2.0 tdi vehicles also. I just hope this message gets to Bill before he gets its done as it’s irreversible as far as I know.

    Best Regards

  2. Don’t do it it’s like don’t have a smartmeter fitted. Each free smart meter cost £420 to fit and of course they are not passing on that price to the general public are they.
    Also do you know they can be hacked and turn off your electric and gas supply. Just imaginge 100,000 people losing there heating in winter. Can’t happen that’s what they said aboout the NHS last year.

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