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Clarion NX706E

As each new car is launched, it boasts of greater connectivity with this, better harmonisation with that, but what if you quite like your current car, but would like a technology upgrade for music and to include navigation. A new top-of-the-range system from Clarion is a double-DIN system with CD, DVD, radio and navigation sources, with the option of DAB radio via a separate add-on box. Thereís a seven-inch colour touchscreen, which reduces the complication and number of buttons on the unit, and owners can fine-tune the display to harmonise better with the dashboard on their car. The mapping is provided by iGo Nextgen and includes realistic 3D landscapes and building renderings, turn-by-turn voice prompts, and pre-loaded points of interest. Itís Bluetooth mobile phone compatible, too, which allows the streaming of music, and for iPhone users, thereís Siri voice control compatibility, too. The unit is relatively futureproof, with expansion options for an amplifier, TV tuner and rear view camera, as well as the addition of screens for rear seat passengers to watch, too. The Clarion NX706E is available to buy now for £799, with more information available online at or by calling 01793 859560.

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