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Ring pocket lamp

The RIL54 is the upgrade from the award-winning RIL50 and features ultra-bright chip-on-board LEDs. There’s no casing which enables a much denser beam pattern and brings Ring’s ultra-bright 110 lumen intensity. This handy pocket lamp comes in at under 400 grams, making it incredibly easy to use for inspection of your car and for use in other hard-to-see areas around the home. What’s more, the magnet built into the pen-style clip means you can keep both hands free to get the job done. The lamp takes three AAA batteries, lasting up to seven hours, with the £7.99 asking price including the first set of batteries for free. It’s available to buy from Amazon, Fast Motorcare and Direct Car Parts. Prices do vary from the recommended retail price, depending on the retailer, so shop around for the best price.

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