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Snooper My-Speed XL

A greater number of speed cameras on our roads has the potential to harm your driving licence, and more importantly your wallet, so a new product from Snooper is designed to help motorists stay under the speed limit. The My-Speed XL features a 4.3-inch touchscreen and displays the speed of the vehicle alongside the limit for the road, both in a large font. Utilising GPS technology to determine the carís position, a green edge means that the car is travelling below the limit, while an audio alert and an angry red surround indicates that the driver is speeding and needs to slow down. Included in the box is a windscreen mount, as well as the necessary power cables. Lifetime updates to the speed trap and limits database are provided for free, too, and the system covers the UK and Western Europe, with the ability to swap from mph to kph, too. At approximately 12 by 9 centimetres, the unit is relatively compact, yet has a display that is prominent enough to help to protect your driving licence. The cost of the unit is £99.99 and available via Snooperís website at

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