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RoadHero space saver wheel kit

As engineers fight to save weight and cut every vital gram off the CO2 emissions figures and designers try to liberate every last litre of boot space, many models have seen their spare wheel slashed in favour of a can of tyre foam and an electric compressor. For many, this ëget you homeí solution isnít considered adequate. Not only can tyre repair kits be hit and miss, they also arenít much comfort if youíre miles from home or stranded on a motorway hard shoulder. In response, the RoadHero Space Saver Wheel Kit has been launched. It comes with a compact space saver spare wheel fitted with the right tyre for your vehicle. Also included is a jack and wheel brace that stow inside the wheel, with the whole lot then slid into a neat carry bag that keeps it looking smart in your boot. Prices vary according to the make and model of your car, but a Ford Focus with 17-inch wheels will cost £209, for example. Visit the website to check on the price for your car.

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