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Yakima FrontLoader bike carrier

If you object to most bike carriers, which clamp onto the frame, the Yakima FrontLoader could be the answer to your prayers. With an ingenious design, the Yakima only holds a bike by its tyres, with a ëYí-shaped set of arms to hold the bike by its front wheel, while a simple strap holds the rear wheel in place. Itís compatible with rims from 20 to 29-inches in diameter and you simply roll the front wheel into place. The FrontLoader even holds the bike in position while you tighten the clamps, with all controls placed at roof rack-level. This makes it hugely versatile, allowing it to hold bikes with front forks or disc brakes which arenít compatible with a carrier designed to hold the front forks. Itís also a great solution for owners who donít want their bicycle frame or cables clamped, potentially causing wear and tear, damage to paintwork or even worse, particularly if itís a delicate carbon frame.

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