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Web05In addition to your fully justified complaints about the poor maintenance of cat’s eyes, white lines and other road safety aids, could I also add road signs that are unreadable because they are obscured by overgrowth of vegetation of various sorts, and illuminated warning signs that are left on long after the incident or hazard has been resolved. This is happening so frequently that motorists are starting to ignore them and they are no longer having the effect that they should. Regards and Compliments of the Season,
Les Cooper

Point taken – thanks for writing. I could have added so many other irritations regarding traffic management and road signage. When I was just a lad, green left filter traffic lights were quite popular, but they seem to have become rare, nay almost extinct now, certainly around my way. I used to regularly encounter a set of traffic lights close to Manchester Airport, on Simonsway in Wythenshawe/Heald Green that were positively dangerous, but nobody seemingly wanted to know or do anything about the situation. Driving along Simonsway, west to east, you came to a set of lights with Styal Road – which led you to the notorious Styal Women’s Prison. If you wanted to turn right, to go south on Styal Road, when you sat in the middle of the lights, waiting for east-west traffic to clear so you could complete your right turn, you could not then see any traffic lights! So the only way was to take your chance, after the line of traffic coming towards you had tailed off, and hopefully before the lights had turned red against you – even though you couldn’t see whether or not they had! Mind-blowing! Yours as ever,
Angry old Doc Diesel!

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