Frankfurt motor show debut for Ford Evos Concept

The Ford Evos Concept, to be revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, previews a new global design language for the next generation of Ford vehicles.

The company’s first truly global design DNA was created as a key part of the One Ford product strategy, and signals a significant transformation of the Ford brand. Developed in a collaborative process by Ford’s global design team, it provides a framework to guide the creation of new products for Ford’s future model portfolio worldwide.

“The momentum of Ford’s global product plan is building fast, and this new design DNA provides a clear direction for a whole new generation of models,” said J Mays, group vice president, Design and chief creative officer. The Ford Evos Concept is a strong statement of intent from the global design team, and highlights the compelling vision we have for our future products.  We believe that the new generation of buyers around the world has higher expectations for a more premium design language in all products.  This understanding of the consumer played an important role in shaping this fresh design DNA.”

The design language explored in the Evos Concept is characterised by a number of key elements which will form an integral part of the design approach for next-generation Ford products. According to Mays, it represents a bold evolution of the kinetic design language which is a feature of the current global Ford portfolio.

Martin Smith, Ford’s executive design director for Europe and Asia Pacific is delighted with this evolution. He said: “The overwhelmingly positive response to cars like the Fiesta and Focus gave the Design team confidence that our original kinetic design approach resonated with consumers around the world.  With our new global design DNA, we have retained the same dynamic character, but with a more technical execution and a distinctively premium feel.”

Specifically developed to preview the new face of Ford, the Evos Concept introduces a new exterior and interior design vocabulary that ultimately will be applied consistently across future global Ford models:

Silhouette innovation: Immediately noticeable is the Evos Concept’s fresh and dramatic silhouette which reinforces the sportiness and fun to drive characteristics that are now a hallmark of Ford models globally. It also delivers a unique profile that distinguishes Ford from its competitors.

Perceived efficiency: Evos Concept has a fastback roof profile which suggests aerodynamic efficiency.  This is reinforced by a slight teardrop shape in the way the lines flow together towards the rear of the car. Thin roof pillars emphasize visual lightness and deliver an overall character that suggests the car is nimble and “light on its feet”.

Refined surface language: While some competitors have imitated the lines of Ford’s kinetic design language and added even more, Mays and his team are moving to a simpler approach that emphasises refinement without losing character. Evos shows this to good effect in muscular, architectural haunches over the front and rear wheel openings and a long, sweeping feature line that catches the light along the lower body.

Technical graphics: To communicate the importance of smart technology for the Ford brand in a very visual manner, Evos features neat and precise graphics, particularly the low profile headlights and tail lamps, plus the integrated rear exhaust and diffuser.

New face of Ford: The most important element is a brand new ‘face of Ford’. This has been created by moving Ford’s by-now-familiar inverted trapezoid grille upwards on the front of the vehicle. The transition to the new ‘face of Ford’ has already been partially foreshadowed in the Ford Focus Electric and the new Focus ST.

Visual sense of premium quality: All elements of the new design approach embodied in the Evos Concept come together to create a visual sense that communicates premium levels of quality.

The vision captured in the Ford Evos Concept was developed through an unprecedented collaboration between Ford’s highly regarded design teams from its studios around the world.

“The design direction that created the Ford Evos Concept is the result of intensive work by the Ford global design team to hone the brand’s future direction,” said Mays. “Our leadership team – including Martin Smith and Moray Callum – has fostered a spirit of collaboration and healthy competition which allows each studio to explore creative approaches for future products.”

Mays credits strong alignment across the Ford design organization as a key enabler for the unified design language. The new DNA will, he believes, establish a common framework to guide the creation of new products in Ford’s design operations worldwide – including eight design studios with 1,150 staff. Consistent with the aligned approach of the One Ford product plan designers in all locations,  and working on different sizes and types of vehicle, are now busy shaping a coherent family of exciting new products which share the same fundamental design language.

“The new global DNA establishes a framework which enables our designers to create the next generation of great looking products, all sharing a distinctive Ford character,” said Moray Callum, executive design director for North America.  “A common DNA doesn’t mean identical looking products, however.  The design language is flexible enough for different sizes and types of vehicles, so that customers around the world will be able recognise it as a new Ford.”

The first of the new generation of Ford production cars developed using the new design vocabulary will be given its public debut in 2012.

“We wanted the Ford Evos Concept to give a clear message about where Ford design is heading – shaping vehicles that are fun to drive, have a premium appeal but, above all, are stunningly beautiful,” said Mays.“The first fruit of this vision will be ready sooner than you might think – you’ll see it in around four months rather than four years. We can’t wait to introduce the first production car to include this new Ford design to our global customers.”

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