Ford’s new heavyweight: the 5.0-tonne Transit

Ford has announced the introduction of a new 5.0-tonne Transit derivative, offering customers a van or chassis cab rated to 5,000kg GVM (gross vehicle mass). The new models will be available at Ford dealers from late November.

Ford describes the new variant as the toughest Transit ever. It features mechanical updates “to offer customers best-ever payload and vehicle capability, while maintaining the durability, refinement and car-like driving characteristics that have made Transit a business favourite”.

Ford says the additional 300kg it delivers over the previous most-capable Transit variant will particularly appeal to customers desiring a heavier-rated donor vehicle for conversions including tippers, ambulances, police vans, and minicoaches with 19 seats or more.

“We know payload is a key factor for businesses’ productivity, which is why Ford’s new flagship Transit is the most capable, heaviest-rated van we’ve ever built,” said Hans Schep, general manager, Commercial Vehicles, Ford of Europe. “We listened to our converter partners and their customers who need this extra capability for their businesses, whether it’s a tipper, an ambulance or larger minicoach. The 5.0-tonne Transit’s durable design and flexibility make it an ideal choice whatever their speciality.”

Body styles
The ability to create conversions that meet their individual operational needs is often crucial for 5.0-tonne LCV customers. Ford is making the 5.0-tonne option available across a broad range of Transit chassis cab variants, giving customers a choice of three wheelbases, four frame lengths, and single- or double-cabs with seating for up to seven occupants (including driver) to best suit their business’ specific requirements. Maximum chassis cab load capacity is 2,886kg for body conversion and payload, which equates to up to 2,558kg net payload when equipped with a factory-fitted flatbed body.

Customers requiring bespoke engineering solutions will benefit from Ford’s extensive Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) network of 165 converters in 13 countries that meet Ford’s manufacturing, quality control and customer support standards. All QVM converters guarantee their work to the same level as the standard Ford warranty, protecting customers’ investment and ensuring quality ongoing support.

Uprated mechanicals
All 5.0-tonne Transit variants are rear-wheel drive, and fitted with Ford’s HDT powertrain. Ford’s 168 bhp 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine produces up to 288 ft lb of torque to help moving heavy loads, and is coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox or Ford’s ten-speed automatic transmission.

The chassis features upgraded hub assemblies, wheels and wider 205mm rear tyres, as well as new uprated brakes on the rear axle, making light work of heavier loads. Panel vans also benefit from reinforced upper body structures and ancillaries to support greater cargo weights.

In addition, 5.0-tonne Transit introduces to Europe for the first time an uprated 3,500kg rear axle already seen in North American Transit models. If specified with the 10-speed automatic gearbox, a new 2,100kg front axle is also fitted, which offers an additional 225kg load capacity over the standard version.

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