Doctor Diesel

Deep sigh of satisfaction

Dear Doc,

With regard to my Qashqai (Issue 390) noise problems and the back axle replacement, the garage has now replaced it and this apparently also cured the persistent rattle. As for the hissing noise, that has also disappeared, but whether it was linked to the axle problem, or whether it’s a cold/warm weather issue, I just don’t know. My Qashqai now goes well, and so far has been trouble-free.


As to whether it was ever involved in an accident, as I half wondered with it being untaxed for some nine months, I cannot tell. I’ve been around cars for years and if it has been in an accident, then they’ve done a damn good job in repairing it! A mate of mine who repaired accident damage years ago, told me some of the signs of repaired cars and I can’t see any of these on this car. Thank you very much for your interest and concern though. 


On a rather different matter, I read with interest Diesel Car’s Top 50 cars for 2019, but I noted that there was no sign of the Qashqai. Is this an oversight I wonder, or is it that the car, although apparently very popular with the public, is not so popular with the motoring journalists? In fact, Nissan didn’t appear at all in the honours list. Once again, thank you though. It’s an old cliché, but I do enjoy your pages, and they are amongst the very first that I always go for, along with the “Our Cars” pages. 



Max Hayman



Many thanks for the update. Maybe my comments regarding potential action were possibly somewhat extreme, and I am really glad that you seem to have had a good result from the garage, following the rear axle replacement. I am not really sure why the Qashqai did not make it at least into the Top 50, although the issue may have been clouded by non-availability of the new model 1.7 diesel variants, which is probably the preferred engine choice for many people. I do have to say also that the latest Qashqai does not have the best of reputations for reliability. It is very popular with buyers, judging by the number of them that are sold, but not quite so much with owners! Your niggling problems are perhaps examples of that situation?


Anyway, I am certainly pleased that you are now happy with the car. 


Very best regards. So glad to hear that you still enjoy my senile ramblings! 



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