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Hello Doc,

More an observation than a question, but I was overtaken – yes, overtaken – by a Peugeot 205 STDT the other day, and it got me thinking about the future of classic diesel cars. I must say it looked brilliant – I thought it was a GTI at first – but it got me thinking about the future of classic diesel cars. Do they even have a future?

Something for you to chew on when you’re walking the diesel dog.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Brosnan


Cor! The Peugeot 205 STDT – or Special Trim Diesel Turbo – what a thing. The styling of the 205 GTI, but with the economy of a 78bhp turbodiesel engine. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. It’s a shame you couldn’t grab a photo. Records suggest that there are just 18 on the road, with another 154 registered as SORN. I quite fancy one now. (So do I, ed)

Regarding your observation, I do fear for the future of diesel classics. With the exception of old Land Rovers, camper vans, the odd Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and a few of the old French workhorses, there just isn’t the demand for them. The anti-diesel agenda is such that even enthusiasts will be reluctant to take the plunge. They will also be of limited use if they’re banned from every town and city in the country. Maybe a few of the 80s and early 90s classics will live on, but everything else pre-Euro 6 has an uncertain future. Remember all the diesel cars that were lost to the original scrappage scheme? The same thing could happen again if the government decides to reboot the system. While I support the act of removing polluting and dirty diesels from the road, I hate losing the kind of well-maintained diesel cars that you and I appreciate.

I’ll leave you with the thought that of the 116 pre-1995 diesel cars currently for sale on a well known website, 80 have a Land Rover badge. No prizes for guessing which car will be left to fly the diesel flag.

All the best,


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