Dacia UK sales top 200,000

Dacia is celebrating reaching 200,000 sales in the UK. This milestone has been achieved just eight years since the brand launched to market. In 2013, when Dacia launched in the UK, the range was made up of the second-generation Sandero and the first-generation Duster. These models were quickly followed by the Logan MCV.

In the UK, private buyers dominate, with 89 per cent of the 200,000 sales made up by retail customers. The 200,000th Dacia is a Sandero Stepway Prestige TCe 100 Bi-Fuel, finished in Iron Blue. The vehicle has been purchased by Christopher Simpson, a first time Dacia owner, from Brayleys Dacia in Milton Keynes.

Christopher Simpson said: “I’ve been so excited to collect my new car, especially as it’s the latest model in the range, but to know it’s the 200,000th Dacia sold in the UK makes it even more special. It’s my first Dacia and the fact we could get everything we wanted at an affordable price – and new – was perfect. I can’t wait to get out on the road in it!”

Jack Bramston, Sales Manager at Brayleys Dacia said: “We’re delighted that Christopher is collecting his new Sandero Stepway from us, like any sale, but even more so as the 200,000th Dacia sold in the UK. We’ve been selling Dacias at Brayleys since 2014 and it’s been incredible to be on the brand’s journey of success in the UK. We wish Chris many happy miles in his new Sandero.”

Luke Broad, Head of Sales, Dacia UK, said: “We celebrated 100,000 Dacia sales four years after launching in the UK, and four years later we’ve sold another 100,000. We’ve been keeping up the momentum, all while continuing to provide UK customers with the most affordable cars on the market. We’re thrilled that our customers – both new and existing – trust Dacia in providing unrivalled value for money, practicality and low running costs.”

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