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Web_Letter fourI wonder how many readers whose cars have electronic parking brakes are aware of the dangers of applying such brakes when the car is moving? You might only discover this when reading your owner manual from cover to cover or, if you decide to experiment, as there’s effectively no warning on the operating switch to make you aware that full power application of braking to all four wheels is the result when you pull the switch up. I tried it recently at only around six to eight mph, out of pure curiosity, and it was quite enough to rip up a scattering of gravel on the road and give me quite a nasty surprise.
John Coutts

Many thanks for the warning John. I tried it out, following your letter, with a Volkswagen Group car and you’re quite right. The deceleration rate on application is quite shattering and really most unexpected. With mischievous, or simply curious, children passengers in mind, and adults who decide to see just what happens, I do think that the existing warnings are seriously deficient. We are offered all kinds of driving and safety aids, but nothing to prevent a very nasty experience for a driver, and possibly a following vehicle, if this type of brake is applied without any warning.

2 Responses

  1. Can’t believe they actually apply. I always figured for safety they would only apply when sat stationary!!

  2. The EPB on my Jaguar XF only operates on the rear wheels ( like a conventional handbrake) and operation is inhibited if the vehicle is moving and throttle is applied.

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