Citroën unveils third-generation Berlingo

With the reveal of the new Berlingo Multispace, the Citroën brand is updating its offering in the ‘Leisure Activity Vehicle’ (LAV) segment, which it pioneered 22 years ago.

The new model will make its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. As well as three independent folding rear seats (row two), the model features a flat floor through to the folding front passenger seat, 19 driving assistance technologies, four connectivity technologies and latest-generation engines such as the new BlueHDi 130 1.5 diesel unit, and the new EAT8 (8-speed) automatic gearbox. The new Berlingo Multispace will be available in two sizes, M and XL, measuring 4.40m and 4.75m in length respectively, with five and seven seats.

Citroën says the Berlingo is as successful as ever, with the second-generation Multispace and LCV models that were launched in 2008. Over 165,000 units were produced in 2017, following what was already a record year in 2016. The top-selling Citroën model in nearly 17 countries last year, the Berlingo remains the brand’s second best-seller behind the C3. In Europe, the Multispace version is the second best selling leisure activity vehicle and remains in the top three in its segment as an LCV. Since its initial launch in 1996, Citroën has produced more than 3.3 million Berlingo vehicles.

Among the features of the new car are:

  • New body styling with a more forward-set windscreen and a higher and shorter front end, achieved notably through the use of the EMP2 platform
  • A front end design that is consistent with the identity of the Citroën brand with the two-tier light signature and front fog lights
  • Flowing body styling with Airbump panels at the bottom of the doors
  • An uncluttered, typically Citroën interior, with a light and airy feel, and several interior ambiances
  • Personalisation options with an ‘XTR Pack’ and touches of colour
  • Two sizes, M and XL, with body lengths of 4.40m and 4.75m, with five and seven seats.

In terms of everyday ease of use:

  • Modularity with three individual seats in the rear that can be folded down with a simple movement using the Magic Flat controls in the boot. Combined with a folding front passenger seat, this feature provides a flat floor and a load length of up to 2.70m for the M version and 3.05m for the XL model
  • Two wide sliding side doors with electric windows
  • Claimed class-leading boot volume, increased by 100-litres to 775-litres for the M version. The boot is easily accessible thanks to the opening rear window in the tailgate and two different height positions for the luggage cover
  • 28 storage spaces such as the new-generation Modutop multi-function roof that also lets more light into the cabin. The ‘Top Box’ glove box is said to be unique to the segment thanks to the ‘Airbag in Roof’ system.

New Citroën Berlingo Multispace also gains new features by adopting:

  • The EMP2 platform at the front of the vehicle, improving manoeuvrability (electric power steering, turning circle), and providing for the latest driving assistance technologies. The rear part of the platform has been maintained from the previous version for extra load volume and to preserve body width between the wheel arches
  • 19 driving assistance technologies, including Colour Head-up Display, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop function, Electric Parking Brake, Reversing Camera with Top Rear Vision, Grip Control® with Hill Descent Assist and Trailer Stability Control
  • Four connectivity technologies including an 8-inch touchscreen with Citroën Connect Nav and Wireless Smartphone Charging
  • Suspension settings “benefiting from all of Citroën’s know-how for peerless comfort”
  • A broad range of engines including the new BlueHDi 130 1.5 diesel and PureTech 1.2 petrol powertrains.

Folding individual seats (row two) are available from launch. Magic Flat controls are available from spring 2019.

Citroën says key targets include economically active or retired couples, with or without children, living around towns or in the country, and fans of sports such as cycling or hiking and outdoor leisure pursuits such as gardening and DIY.

The new Citroën Berlingo Multispace was created by the Citroën Style team, led by Alexandre Malval.

Like C3, New C3 Aircross Compact SUV and New Citroën C4 Cactus Hatch, New Citroën Berlingo Multispace offers a list of personalisation options. Outside, the new vehicle comes with a range of eight body colours: Soft Sand, Aqua Green, Arctic Steel, Platinum Grey, Onyx Black, Deep Blue, Passion Red and Polar White. The colour signature can be reinforced by touches of colour surrounding the rounded front fog lights and on the Airbump panels: White Colour Pack (depending on the version) or Orange Colour Pack (linked to the XTR Pack). The ‘XTR Pack’ option stands out with the use of the Orange Colour Pack and 17-inch alloy wheels, and a special ‘Wild Green’ interior ambiance.

The interior is available with new trims and a varied set of colours, corresponding to several interior ambiances:

  • The ‘Standard’ ambience with a pure look and touches of Grey and Laurel Green
  • The ‘Metropolitan Grey’ ambience with Grey Cloth enhanced by a strip of bold Summertime Green. A turquoise shade harmonises with a China Grey dashboard
  • The‘Wild Green’ ambience is specific to the XTR Pack. It features Green Cloth and an Orange strip, contrasting with a Green striped pattern.

For the first time in its history, New Citroën Berlingo Multispace is available in two sizes. The standard M size model measures 2cm longer than the previous generation at 4.40m, with a 2.78m wheelbase. The lengthened XL version adds an extra 35cm for a total length of 4.75m and a 2.97m wheelbase.

Interior features include two wide sliding side doors, which are now fitted with electric windows. The load volume is 775-litres for the M model (100-litres more than the current generation five-seater) and 1,050-litres for the XL version with five-seats (where specified). Access is simplified by the dark-tinted opening rear window in the tailgate and an all-new adjustable luggage cover.

Citroën says the Berlingo Multispace offers best-in-class spaciousness and modularity thanks to the following:

  • Three same-size individual seats in row two offering 156mm knee room for back-seat passengers (156mm). The seats fold down to provide a flat floor thanks to controls for each seat, or a simple movement of the Magic Flat controls
  • Combined with a folding front passenger seat, the row two seats provide a flat floor and a load length of up to 2.70m for the M version and 3.05m for the XL model, ideal for transporting long objects
  • Two removable seats in row three. Non-adjustable lengthwise on M models, the seats are fitted on a rail on XL models, moving through 130mm. This allows motorists to opt for legroom or extra volume for the boot.

A ceiling box, accessible from the rear seats (row two) or the boot (opening rear tailgate window) can hold 60-litres and 10kg. The compartmentalised translucent arch runs the entire length of the cabin, making objects clearly visible, utilising what is generally considered as wasted space.

The model is also home to two glove boxes: a lower glove box (with or without a lid, depending on the version) with room for a 0.75-litre bottle. There is also an upper glove box known as the ‘Top Box’, made possible by moving the passenger airbag to the ceiling (Airbag in Roof). This compartment is available cooled (depending on the version), contains a USB socket and jack audio socket, and can accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop.

Nineteen driving assistance systems are available:

  • Colour Head-up Display: A system that provides the driver with useful driving information in their field of view. Projected in colour on a retractable head-up screen, this information (speed, cruise control and speed limiter etc.), is constantly available to the driver without them having to look away from the road
  • Lane Departure Warning System: LDWS protects against driver fatigue at the wheel or a simple moment of inattention when travelling above 40mph (65km/h).
  • Driver Attention Alert: Alerts drivers in the event of decreased vigilance. The system assesses the driver’s alertness by identifying trajectory anomalies in relation to road markings using a camera at the top of the windscreen. The feature is especially suited to fast roads over 40mph (65km/h)
  • Coffee Break Alert: Tells drivers when it is time to take a break after they have driven for two hours at speeds above 40mph (65km/h)
  • Speed Sign Recognition and Recommendation: Automatically detects and reads certain road signs, including speed limit signs and end of speed limit signs using the multi-function camera located in the upper part of the windscreen
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop function (EAT8 auto): This system provides two functions using the multi-function camera, automatically maintaining vehicle speed consistent with the driver’s setting and automatically adjusting the distance between the vehicle in front
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System: This system uses lights in the wing mirrors to warn the driver if a vehicle is present in their blind spot
  • Active Safety Brake: An emergency brake system that reduces the risk of collision from ahead via a sound and visual alert. The system brakes automatically in place of the driver if they fail to react in a timely manner
  • Post Collision Safety Brake: This system works using the brakes after an accident and serves to limit damage
  • Intelligent Beam Headlights: A system that automatically activates high and low-beam headlights at night depending on the lighting conditions and surrounding traffic
  • Cornering Light Function: This system uses the steering wheel angle when the vehicle is travelling above 25mph (40km/h). The left or right front fog light activate in addition to the main headlamps to illuminate up to a 75 degree angle to the right or left of the vehicle
  • Keyless Entry and Start: For locking, unlocking and starting the vehicle without using the key. The car recognises the driver as they approach the front door handles or boot with their hand
  • Hill Start Assist: To make hill starts easier, this system prevents any undesired vehicle movement on inclines when the brake pedal is released
  • Flankguard: Informs the driver of the proximity of objects to the side of the manoeuvring vehicle by memorising the data recorded by sensors located in the front and rear bumpers, combined with the vehicle trajectory
  • Reversing Camera with Top Rear Vision: This system displays the area immediately around the vehicle using a 180 degree panoramic camera
  • Trailer Stability Control: On models equipped with a tow hook (factory option), New Citroën Berlingo Multispace is equipped with a towed-object stabiliser
  • Electric Parking Brake: A feature that automatically activates when the engine is switched off, automatically releases when the vehicle moves forward or manually by a pull on the control paddle
  • Grip Control with Hill Descent Assist: Providing grip in all conditions, Grip Control® adapts the traction of the front wheels to the type of road surface. Drivers select one of five modes, Standard, Snow, Mud, Sand or ESP OFF, using the thumbwheel on the central console
  • Park Assist: Makes manoeuvring easier and safer when parking. This system provides active assistance for parallel and perpendicular parking

The new Citroën Berlingo Multispace is equipped with four connectivity and infotainment technologies providing continuity between the customer’s digital world and their car, so they can remain connected at all times:

  • Mirror Screen Function with Android Auto, Apple Car Play and MirrorLink: For enjoying smartphone apps on the 8-inch tablet in complete safety
  • 8-inch touchscreen with Citroën Connect Nav: Combined with an 8-inch touchscreen requiring the lightest of touches, this system also boasts voice recognition for controlling navigation, phone and media functions without the driver having to taking their eyes off the road
  • Citroën Connect Box with Emergency & Assistance system: This is the brand’s emergency geolocation call and assistance service. In the event of an accident or any other situation that requires urgent assistance, the system calls out the appropriate assistance either automatically or when the user presses the ‘SOS’ button inside the car
  • Wireless Smartphone Charging: This all-new system can be used to induction charge a wide range of smartphones or devices that are compatible with the Qi standard

The new Citroën Berlingo Multispace also sees the introduction of the 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox.

Engine availability (depending on country):

  • PureTech petrol range: PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual and PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 auto
  • BlueHDi diesel range: BlueHDi 75 S&S manual, BlueHDi 100 manual, BlueHDi 100 S&S manual, BlueHDi 130 S&S 6-speed manual or EAT8 auto

The PureTech 130 S&S EAT8 available from the second half of 2019.

The new Berlingo Multispace will make its international debut in a few weeks at the Geneva Motor Show, followed by its launch in the second half of 2018.

Length: 4.40m size M / 4.75m size XL
Width: 1.85m
Height: 1.81m (minimum without roof bars / 1.84m minimum with roof bars – depending on version)
Boot capacity: 775-litres size M / 1,050-litres size XL

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