Borgward ties up UK distribution deal with IM Group

As a key part of its global expansion plan, Stuttgart-based Borgward Group AG has entered into a strategic partnership with the automotive sales specialist International Motors and IM Group Ltd for the British and Irish markets.

Over the past three years, Borgward has pursued a “go-west” strategy: starting in China, the manufacturer has since expanded into more than a dozen countries worldwide, including South East Asia, Russia and the Middle East.  In the summer of this year, Borgward also returned to its German home market.

Borgward is best known in the UK for its pioneering products of the 1950s and 60s.  Now, the German brand has re-invented itself with a luxury range of “accessible premium” SUVs.  The petrol-engine BX5 and BX7 are already available in Europe but the brand’s intention is to sell electric vehicles once production starts on the BXi5 and BXi7.  The Borgward BXi7, all-electric concept SUV, is the German Design Award Winner for 2018.

Tom Anliker, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service for Borgward said “We’re very pleased to find such a professional and dedicated organisation that will re-launch Borgward back to the UK and Irish markets.”

Andrew Edmiston, Managing Director of IM Group Ltd added “Our company originated from a heritage brand so we’re particularly excited to resurrect this famous brand from the past.  Borgward is known for its innovation and style and we see this continuing in the future with this exciting new range of products.”

Production of right-hand drive variants is expected to start in early 2019 in anticipation of a UK launch towards the end of 2019.  Price, specification and line-up of the UK offering will be announced closer to the time.

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