Interior monologue

There’s a fuzz-encrusted five pence piece trapped in my car. This bum fluffed coin of the Realm must have rolled out of my pocket, down the side of the driver’s seat and has become wedged under one of its slider rails. On the odd occasions I clean my car’s interior, I will see this coin […]

Guilty as charged

My wife works in education and once said that she liked children, but why bring your work home? Generally, I subscribe to this view, partly because when I speak to young people, I seem to change from being a regular human being into a patronising old fart. ‘So, young man, what’s happening in the hit […]

Here we go again

Has the Ford Focus really been around for twenty three years? I was quite grumpy and quite old when it was launched, now I’m grumpier and older and think that the original car has aged rather better than I have. Taking over from the final, and pathologically timid Escort, it’s hard to remember now just […]

Do it yourself

Why do I keep doing these things? Over the decades I’ve managed to put my foot in it verbally and physically with monotonous regularity, and some of these cock-ups have related to my work as a motoring journalist. Take the case of the wrong trousers, or more specifically, the only trousers. I’d been invited on […]


Have you noticed that like dogs, some cars seem to share characteristics with their owners? This was brought home to me when I attended a mindfulness course in that long ago, pre-Covid world we used to inhabit. You may laugh, but I felt less frazzled at the end of it than I did at the […]

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