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When it comes to vehicles, I like a bit of weird, which is why I signed up to a Facebook group charmingly titled ‘Shite cars for sale.’ Here, people who really ought to have better things to do – and probably have – seek out classified ads for vehicles they consider deserve the ‘shite’ sobriquet. […]

Do people still hitchhike?

When I first started driving in the pre-history of the early 1980s, you’d often see middle aged blokes with trade plates, or students with destinations scrawled on bits of cardboard standing on motorway service slip roads, hoping some kind soul would give them a lift. My dad, a trusting type, sometimes indulged in this early […]

Upward mobility

There might be some discreet sniffling at the demise of the Ford Mondeo and VW Passat saloons, but to me the slow death of the MPV multi-purpose vehicle is sadder still. For the past four decades, the best MPVs have been exemplars of clever packaging, unlike a great many so called sports utilities, which often […]

For all that is holey

The hole in my road is back. It’s irking me and will probably cause our local newspaper to unearth a self-styled pothole campaigner. I get the feeling that there are a number of tarmac vigilantes. A quick google search revealed one Mark Morell of Brackley, who styles himself as ‘Mr Pothole.’ Think Clark Kent morphing […]

Radio ga ga

I’m so old that I remember the excitement involved when my dad fitted a push button Pye radio to his car, so he could flip from a small selection of crackling, pre-set AM and MW stations by ramming home one of three rectangular chromium buttons. The fact that he wired in this transistorised technical marvel […]

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