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Web04Hi Doc, I went to see Jonny Scott of Scotts Garage, Dundonald, this morning, who you suggested might sort my Kombi problems. Problem maybe solved, maybe not? A quick bit of background here. I consider that I cover the ground fairly quickly, while sticking to the speed limits. I find that the 130bhp 2.5-litre TDI engine is quite quick when not being driven quickly, and not that much quicker when revved hard. Consequently I rarely use much more than 2,000rpm, and since this is 70mph in sixth gear, I still cover ground quickly.

Anyway, Jonny Scott hooked up his diagnostic computer and it said that the engine was suffering from an overboost condition. We then went for a drive and he did his best to provoke the engine into limp home mode – and failed. He asked me about my driving habits, whether the vehicle was properly serviced (about every 10,000 miles), and whether I had ever used any turbo cleaner (no, and he said keep off it for the time being). His considered opinion was that the turbo was sticking occasionally, due to my driving at low revs. His opinion was that if the turbo was rebuilt or replaced that there was a good chance of the same thing happening a year or so down the line. His prescription was for me to continue to drive as I normally do but, about once a week for about five minutes, to let my inner hooligan loose and accelerate up to about 3,500rpm, slow down and repeat etc. So I started off by scaring a couple of people on my way to work. I took the best part of 30 minutes of Jonny’s time and he refused to accept any payment – he said just to remember that “we’re here please”. So, on my experience, I can thoroughly recommend him as a mechanic who genuinely sees a problem through the eyes of his customer. We’ll just have to see what happens in the future. So, very many thanks to you too for your help.

This was Wiclif in Belfast, whose Kombi I suggested was suffering from something relatively simple, like an overboost fault, possibly due to a faulty sensor – see issue 328. I replied saying:

That sounds very promising, and I’m so glad that Scotts Garage turned out to be a real gem. (Take note of that any DC readers in the Belfast area.) Could I suggest that you might now consider doing a double dose of Millers Diesel Power Eco plus on a tankful or two of fuel, which has been known to sort out sticky turbochargers, and which will clean up the whole fuel system? I totally applaud your fuel economy procedures, by the way; gunning it a bit on the way up to cruising speed doesn’t waste any fuel, and helps to keep the engine fit. Let me know how you go on,

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