Striking out along a different path

It’s a question that won’t go away – what will the government do to replace the large amounts of tax revenue it derives from petrol and diesel fuel as the UK switches to electric cars? According to a recent report in the Times, Downing Street’s policy unit is examining new taxes and charges for motorists […]

Bright Spark

London is cleaning up its act. Drivers of older petrol and diesel cars are already getting used to paying the T-Charge emissions fee on top of the Congestion Charge when entering central London, while the entire London bus fleet will adopt zero-emissions technologies by 2037.   Taxis are getting the clean-up treatment as well. London […]

All-electric GT car from DS

DS Automobiles continued its spirit of avant-garde approach at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show with the debut of its DS E-TENSE, a unique all-electric GT car that embodies the brand’s future, mixing luxury, cutting-edge technology and high-end performance.

Nissan presents its vision for the future

Nissan has an ambitious goal of pursuing zero emission vehicles and zero fatalities on the road, and today it revealed its ‘Intelligent Mobility’ vision at the Geneva International Motor Show. Created to guide the Nissan product evolution, Intelligent Mobility will anchor critical company decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars integrate into society, all while staying focused on creating more enjoyable driving experiences.

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