Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin has launched a new CrossClimate 2 all-season tyre, replacing the successful CrossClimate+. Billed as the perfect all-rounder, the CrossClimate 2 can be used in summer months, but it’s also rated for use during winter in countries where winter tyres are mandatory. This will be handy for anyone driving to ski resorts from the UK, […]

Five tricks to make your car look like new again

Remember when your car first rolled out of the showroom? New cars have that perfect, factory fresh sheen that looks so great, and it is possible to get your car close to this look with some easy tricks. Andy Goodwin shows you how. 1  Restore exterior trim It happens so gradually, it’s hard to notice […]


Dear Doctor Diesel, I’ve just bought a used car from a local garage, and to my horror, I’ve found that all four of the tyres are different brands, though they are all of the same size. Should I be worried? I have spoken to the garage, and they tell me that it’s perfectly legal, but […]


Dear Doc, This might seem like an odd question, but does diesel go off? Stupidly, I filled my CR-V with diesel just before the lockdown was introduced and the car has been off the road ever since. By the time the lockdown has been lifted, it could be three or four months of inactivity for […]

Vauxhall launches online tyre service for all makes and models

Following on from its All Makes check-up campaign, Vauxhall has introduced a new Tyres Online section to the brand’s website. Just as the All Makes campaign is open to all drivers, no matter the make or model of their car, so too is Tyres Online. With the new offering, drivers of any car can search, select, purchase and arrange tyre fittings at their local retailer via the Vauxhall website.

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