Mods and Rockers

The modified car scene has changed. Unless you’re a particularly skilled mechanic, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pop the bonnet on a modern vehicle and perform the kind of DIY tune-ups that formed the culture decades ago. If tinkering is your thing, then you’re likely going to need a car that’s at least 15 […]

Tuning for performance & economy

Advice on tuning your car for extra performance or fuel economy, or even both, is one of the most hotly discussed topics at Diesel Car Towers thanks to a steady flow of reader enquiries and questions. Here we ask Doctor Diesel to answer all of the most important questions that are on the tip of our reader’s tongues, and many more that they wish they hadn’t.

Finely fettled Fiesta

Hot hatches aren’t just the preserve of petrol power, as this modified Fiesta proves.

New tuning options for Volkswagen TDI 140 engine

Unichip Europe’s latest U-Connect plug and play Uni-Q ECU fitment now offers owners of Volkswagen 2.0-litre TDi (140) powered cars a significant performance upgrade at an affordable price. This covers the core popular VW models including the Golf, Jetta, Passat and Touran.

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