Technology and its effect upon some road users

With rapid advances in technology, it is becoming increasingly common for motorists to use a variety of audio devices whilst driving. We know that the laws have become far stricter in the UK surrounding the use of mobile phones while driving, to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians and other road users. Whilst it […]

Touchscreens: over-hyped and over here?

Dear Doc, I have just read the letter from Eddie Minford in your February issue. I too have a car from the Volkswagen Group: a 2018 Skoda Octavia. I totally agree with him and with your response to him about the increasing use of touchscreens. These are dangerous. If travelling with my wife, I ask […]

Will new automotive technology change our lives by 2035?

As climate change and the urgent need to reduce pollution shakes up the car industry, the vehicles we buy and our motoring habits are set to undergo the biggest transformation since the motor car was invented. Changes to our new cars will be more far reaching than the new bumpers, incremental fuel economy gains, and […]

It’s that touchy subject again

Dear Doctor, Hope you had a good Christmas. I’m afraid I’m going to jump aboard the bandwagon and share my thoughts on the increasing reliance on touchscreens in modern cars. I was reading a review of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class when I noticed that it had not one, not two, but three touchscreens in the […]

Cylinder deactivation

Cylinder deactivation technology goes by a number of names, but the principles and objectives are virtually identical. If you selectively shut down one or more cylinders of an engine when the power demands are low, then if carefully managed, it can save fuel, and also reduce emissions. Back in 1981, Cadillac in the USA launched […]

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