A road map for going electric – part three

We’ve looked previously at the various critical issues surrounding electrification of road transport and, like it or not, there’s little chance Britain will run out of steam on the electric road, or that alternative technology, such as hydrogen power, will displace electricity as the primary source of motive power on our roads. Many obstacles exist […]

Bright Spark

It goes without saying that the coronavirus lockdown has been a frustrating time for anyone who likes cars. I’ve spent even more of my time than usual on online car searches and spotted a few electric bargains – pre-registered delivery mileage MG ZS EVs for less than £20,000 and Nissan Leafs with the smaller 40kWh […]

Bright Spark

I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the words ‘MG ZS’, I still think of a Rover 45 with an octagonal badge, a plastic body kit and a bit more go. That original MG ZS was one of the last desperate throws of the dice by the management of MG Rover, and while it […]

The Big Question, again…

Dear Doc,   I have just trawled through the data pages of the August edition (issue 391) with the noble intention of possibly identifying an electric medium-sized SUV which would meet our present driving needs, which include two annual six week trips to Germany. I even looked at the baby SUVs and smaller cars, but […]

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