Soapbox – Safer driving, and the potential of technology…

Stay with me, while I first set the scene by having a bitch about bad driving. Not long ago I sat in the third lane of a moderately busy M25, cruising along at around 70mph, when I came upon a tailback ahead in the fourth lane, with people switching back into the third lane and […]

Doctor Diesel Soapbox – Tragedy on two wheels

Whatever casualty figures you look at, there’s no escaping that riding on two wheels on Britain’s roads is often very dangerous. Somewhat belatedly, people and government are beginning to realise that, in general, cars, trucks and buses should perhaps not share the same road space as pedal powered transport, or at least not without adequate […]


Like many things invented and developed by humans, forms of powered transport have generally gone down technological routes that have seemed utterly logical and progressive at the time. It was logical that things should move away from coal-powered steam engines, as used by early cars and trains for many decades, for they were staggeringly inefficient […]

Soapbox – What’s wrong with garage service departments?

Well ask yourself – would you want to work in one, particularly on the reception desk? Imagine the agitated people that often arrive, with temporary loss of their car, work, and personal problems far more important than showing politeness, and explaining clearly what they’re there for, whether it’s a routine service for the car, and […]

Soapbox – The Catseye Scandal

It’s over eighty years since Percy Shaw invented the original white reflecting catseye roadstud (as he patented the name) that made a huge contribution to safe night driving, by marking a clear route illuminated by the driver’s own headlights down the centre of the road. Its construction has been updated somewhat and the original concept […]

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