Skoda Scala Monte Carlo 1.0 TSI

Report 7 So far, so good. The slight problem-ettes I had with the Scala following the first ‘big freeze’ of the winter appear to have been of the temporary variety. As I mentioned last time around, the navigation system stopped working and there was endless bleeping to warn me that the tyres pressures were low […]

Skoda Scala Monte Carlo 1.0 TSI

Another month, another glowing report. Well, yes, but before we get to the bit where I sing the Scala’s praises, this time around there are one or two caveats. Five months in, I have noticed a few ‘issues’ with the Skoda. That is perhaps overselling it, ‘niggles’ would be closer to the truth. Since the […]

Skoda Scala Monte Carlo 1.0 TSI

Report 4 It’s funny how you get attached to certain cars. Month four with the Scala has led me to contemplating life without it. That should happen around Christmastime, unless I can persuade Skoda to let me have it for longer. It isn’t that I am in love with the car, so much as it […]

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TDI DSG AUTOMATIC

Old habits die hard, I guess. I was pretty confident that we’d turned a page with Skoda, as all was going to be well after our somewhat problematic Octavia estate that preceded the vRS. After all, and I’ve said it before, the perceived improvement in build quality of our vRS is really noticeable. It’s a […]

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TDI

Well hello there game changer – the sportiest set of wheels to be found in the Our Cars pages of Diesel Car & Eco Car, currently. We’ve switched from the modest cabbie’s favourite up to the full fat choice of the UK constabularies and got ourselves an Octavia vRS, Skoda’s take on a Golf GTI […]

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