Gas-to-liquid fuel

We have touched on the subject of GTL fuels occasionally over recent years, mainly because GTL diesel, usually manufactured from natural gas, is a superior fuel that’s capable of significantly reducing diesel engine emissions. At present it’s being supplied in bulk by oil giant Shell to commercial vehicle operators, and using it secures them some […]

Knock Knock, who’s there? Rich Oil Companies!

Hello Doctor.      I couldn’t help but think of you when I read a letter in the ìHonest Johnî letters column in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. Someone wrote in asking about the benefits of using premium petrol in his BMW 535i, and was told that premium petrol would give him up to 10 per […]

Fuelling the debate

I contacted you last year as I had been thinking of purchasing a new SUV – maybe a Land Rover Discovery Sport. But as I am very much a pensioner, the cost of a brand new vehicle, I decided, was just too high. So I have now purchased a 64 reg Land Rover Freelander Metropolis […]

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