SEAT Ateca FR 2.0 TDI DSG Automatic

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First Test The ideal family wagon has to cover a lot of bases. Practicality is key, but in 2023 things like charging ports and Apple CarPlay are just as important to buyers in a connected world. SUVs have now long been the form factor of choice for many looking to ferry kids and a dog […]

SEAT Azrona FR 1.0 TSI

Sixth Report For those of you who didn’t make it through to the end of last month’s thrilling instalment, the big news was that I decided I like the Arona after all. Having spent much of the previous five months railing against its poor ride quality and more besides, the SEAT had wormed its way […]

SEAT Arona FR 1.0 TSI

Report Three It seemed improbable at the start, but I have bonded with the Arona. Three months in, and more than 4,500 miles later, I see past its shortcomings, at least for the most part. The springy, long-travel clutch no long bothers me, while the over-servoed brakes now seem perfectly normal. I have even become […]

SEAT Ateca xperience Lux 2.0 TDI 4Drive Automatic

Ever since the Ateca arrived on the market in 2016, it has been one our favourite medium SUVs. Sharing its underpinnings with the Skoda Karoq and Volkswagen Tiguan, it makes use of the VW Group parts bin to great effect. Last summer the Ateca received a facelift, with a revised, more ornate front grille, new […]


Report Six In 1992, I bought a 1969 Triumph Vitesse which I still own. It’s a wonderfully analogue car with its smooth naturally aspirated straight-six petrol engine, its four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, its unassisted brakes and steering, along with the keep-fit windows and manual adjustment for everything. My ancient Triumph is a world away […]

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