Laser Tools Oil Funnel Sets

If you dread the mess of an engine oil change or top up, the latest funnel sets from Laser Tools could prove invaluable. Designed specifically for Volkswagen Group (part number 8301) and Renault/Nissan (8302) models, the funnels come with adaptor caps to fit securely to the car’s filler neck, so there’s no way it can […]

Made in Dagenham

At 1:16pm on October 1st, 1931, the first Ford manufactured in the UK rolled off the production line in Dagenham, at Ford’s brand-new global plant. Now, 90 years later, Ford is celebrating the achievements of the hundreds of thousands of people who have contributed to Ford Dagenham’s success, and looking towards its future. Following in […]

Going wild

Most car launch press trips involve staying overnight in a hotel somewhere, in a location with good local roads for the test drive and attractive scenery for the photography. Sometimes, though, manufacturers are more adventurous and seek out wilder terrain and rather more unusual accommodation. Sunrise over the Sahara is very bright and starts very […]

Reinvented electric Renault 5 leads the ‘Renaulution’

Renault has revealed its strategy for the next five years and beyond, as part of Groupe Renault’s  ‘Renaulution’ programme. The company says the plan will see Renault “evolving and embracing modernity in the automotive industry to become a tech, service and clean energy brand”.

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