Home charging speeds explained

If you’re buying a plug-in car or you’ve been given one as a company car, you may be wondering what on earth a home charger is versus a fast or rapid charger, which wallbox to go for, and why plugging a BMW iX into a three-pin plug will barely heat up its battery, let alone […]

How does the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant work?


First introduced in 2011, the plug-in car grant (PiCG) was established by the Government to encourage the buyers of new cars to choose low emissions models. It worked by automatically reducing the purchase price of new plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles with a subsidy to make them more affordable. In this article we’ll look into […]

Plugging in India

Every day, more than 60% of India’s population hits the road, which is a lot of road, but a lot of people to fill it. Although this ranks as the second biggest network in the world (at 3,862,317 miles, it’s pipped only by the USA), life is a squeeze. Fast approaching 300 million vehicles, India’s […]

Plug-in car sales charge ahead

According to industry body Go Ultra Low, plug-in car sales in 2015 exceeded the total for the previous five years combined

Nissan adds to its Leaf line-up

Nissan is celebrating the continued success of its 100% electric LEAF model with the introduction of a value-packed Acenta+ grade. Available from July 1, the new Acenta+ model adds new features that make the British-built Nissan LEAF an even more complete package.

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