The Extra Mile

There’s no doubt that there are unexpected ambient effects that can suddenly hit your car’s fuel economy on any given day, typically on a familiar journey, and leave you puzzled as to why the mpg figures don’t read any better. When you drive through standing water, at any speed, you normally feel that extra resistance […]

Understanding Picasso

I’m interested in a buying a used CitroÎn C3 Picasso and have seen cars with both 8-valve and 16-valve versions of the 1.6-litre HDi engine advertised. As my budget seems to cut right through the middle of the changeover (late 2010?), which of the engines is best? What are the differences, apart from the absence […]

Grand progress – or maybe not?

Reference my previously reported C4 Grand Picasso engine problems (“Judder and Whoosh” Issue 340), the clutch seems to have slightly less judder at present, however my alternative local Citroën dealer has a problem of access, as the roads in the area are being resurfaced. I will book it in for a check at the end […]

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