Mazda CX-60 AWD Takumi e-Skyactiv D automatic

Bespoke. Individual. Personal. Tailored. Exclusive. They’re the consumer buzz words of the 20’s and everyone’s at it. It’s all marketing balm; making you feel extra special when you check into a hotel room, book a holiday package – or buy a car. Mazda’s got it down to a T. I visited the firm’s Training Academy […]

Mazda CX-60 AWD Takumi e-Skyactiv D

Diesel car_eco car Mazda CX-60

REPORT 2 It’s exciting getting to ‘know’ a new vehicle, and the visually imposing CX-60 has – in its first month – already become a family titan, providing limo-like transport for five on holiday. It excelled on our first outing, when we headed north to the Yorkshire Dales. There, the same engine that burbled unobtrusively […]

Mazda CX-60 AWD Takumi e-Skyactiv D

diesel car Mazda

First Report Hand car washes see so many customers that the vehicles become virtually invisible… but not Mazda’s CX-60. “Great looking car!” the guy shouted as he chamoised off the final drips and took my £20. He’s right. This Mazda is one imposing vehicle, exuding a distinctive, purposeful, premium air with – I feel – […]

Mazda CX-5 AWD GT Sport Automatic

REPORT THREE Here’s a confession. I’m one of the few motorists who actually enjoys a good read… of their car’s manual. Normally I’m the driver, as I like compiling mental notes about the car from behind the wheel; useful ammo for the next write-up. I’m particularly enjoying the CX-5, but even so, my wife takes […]

Interior monologue

There’s a fuzz-encrusted five pence piece trapped in my car. This bum fluffed coin of the Realm must have rolled out of my pocket, down the side of the driver’s seat and has become wedged under one of its slider rails. On the odd occasions I clean my car’s interior, I will see this coin […]

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