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Have you ever heard of Mastodon? A mastodon – small m – is an extinct hairy elephant-like creature but Mastodon – big M – is a social media platform that has enjoyed a lot of growth lately. If you’ve never come across it before, the best description I can give you is that it works […]

Bright Spark

There are many real and imagined obstacles to switching to an electric car. In the early days it was all about range. Now, people are worrying more about the charging infrastructure instead. Those are both subjects that have had more than their fair share of attention, but there is another issue that has probably been […]

The vision thing

I live in a house called High View. It’s a Victorian semi that’s perched on a smallish hump, hence the name. We have a short, steep drive hemmed in by a low brick wall on one side and a stone bank on the other. It’s a sort of tarmac-lined culvert and getting a car up […]

Bright Spark

It’s a typical Tesla move that has really got everyone talking. Photos of the interior of the new updated versions of the Model S and Model X show a radically redesigned dashboard; at its centre, a different large central LCD screen mounted with a landscape orientation rather than in portrait mode. But the feature that […]

Bright Spark

It goes without saying that the coronavirus lockdown has been a frustrating time for anyone who likes cars. I’ve spent even more of my time than usual on online car searches and spotted a few electric bargains – pre-registered delivery mileage MG ZS EVs for less than £20,000 and Nissan Leafs with the smaller 40kWh […]

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