Laser Tools Magnetic Foldable Parts Tray

If you’ve dropped vital parts while working on a repair project, or even during one of your other hobbies, then you’ll understand the appeal of this magnetic parts tray from Laser Tools. It boasts a rather innovative design, because not only is it mostly silicon to avoid scratches, it’s also collapsible to make it easier […]

Laser Tools Windscreen Washer Jet Tool 4-in-1

To ensure a great view ahead, and pass an MOT, it’s important to keep your vehicle’s windscreen wipers and washer jets in good order. This handy four-in-one tool from Laser can be used to clean and adjust all washer jets for optimum effectiveness. The handle includes a magnet to hold adaptors in place, and there […]

Laser Tools Funnels

As a result of the 150,000 or so UK drivers who misfuel their cars each year, vehicle manufacturers increasingly fit filler necks designed to save their owner’s bacon. However, these anti-misfuelling flaps can also make it difficult to refuel from a portable container in an emergency, or even dose your car’s fuel tank with an […]

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