Irrational ratios

It’s me again, bellyaching about gearing yet again! I am presently using a Toyota Aygo hire car in Spain (petrol, I’m afraid), in which you have to rev the engine like blazes to get started in first without stalling, even on the level. Crazy! Anyway, a month ago we bought a three-year-old SEAT Ibiza 1.2 […]

No congestion charge for 99g Ibiza and Leon

Some of SEAT’s increasingly popular E Ecomotive models are coming to the rescue of beleaguered London motorists who are today hit by not only an unwelcome VAT rise on fuel, but also an extra £2 on the Congestion Charge.

SEAT's 'E' for Ecomotive

SEAT’S burgeoning range of environmentally responsible Ecomotive models is now becoming even easier to spot with the roll-out of a new badging structure. To coincide with the imminent debut on UK roads of the all-new, seven-seat Alhambra MPV – which boasts a class-leading ‘green’ version – and the arrival here of the latest generation Ibiza Ecomotive with emissions slashed to an exceptional 92 g/km, SEAT is launching an enhanced Ecomotive nomenclature.

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