Honda HR-V Hybrid 1.5 i-MMD Advance Style

I’ve had a busy month with my ‘Hormone Replacement Vehicle’, and it’s taken some very varied driving for me to finally start to ‘get’ it. I’m lucky enough to rarely do many urban miles, and because I can avoid rush hour at either end of the day, it’s unusual for me to spend hours in […]

Honda HR-V Hybrid 1.5 i-MMD Advance Style

Report One Richard Dredge is the custodian of the third generation HR-V that arrived on the fleet early in the new year. READ ON TO FIND OUT HOW HE IS GETTING ALONG WITH IT. It seems incredible that it’s already almost six years since I last ran a Honda HR-V. It was a second-generation model […]

Honda’s powerful line-up at Frankfurt Motor Show

The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show underlines an important year for Honda and will see the brand presenting its new model range of entirely refreshed and all-new cars displayed together. Alongside the new line-up, Honda will also showcase design concepts and advanced technologies, all demonstrating Honda’s unique creativity in meeting the personal mobility challenges of today and the future.

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