Technology and its effect upon some road users

With rapid advances in technology, it is becoming increasingly common for motorists to use a variety of audio devices whilst driving. We know that the laws have become far stricter in the UK surrounding the use of mobile phones while driving, to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians and other road users. Whilst it […]

Quintessentially British laws

In celebrating all that is British, I struggled to think how I could tie the theme in with a road traffic, legal slant. Eventually, I decided to look at some of the UK driving laws that could (admittedly, at a stretch) be considered quintessentially British. So with that in mind…   Middle lane hogging   […]

Obscure offences

It may be a reasonable assumption to say that many motorists don’t remember much of what they learnt during their driving lessons. Habits creep in and motorists tend to develop their own style and standard of driving, for better or worse!   As a motorist, it is easy, or at least understandable, to assume that […]

Diesel Car's guide to winter motoring

As we ebb towards the end of the year, it’s inevitable that the temperatures are going to nosedive into minus figures, and this makes driving a whole lot more tricky. But take our advice and you’ll be able to take it all in your stride. Keep this handy checklist for the future, and you’ll never […]

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