Fuel pricing

Diesel and petrol prices have hit the headlines recently, with crude oil prices plummeting to previously unseen levels. Some days US oil companies were apparently paying to have the black stuff taken off their hands, faced with nowhere to store the oil they were producing as demand collapsed. It all generated expectations of big drops […]

The Extra Mile

When we think about saving fuel, and driving to save fuel, one of the significant factors involved is too often glossed over, and that’s the origins, the quality, and specification of the fuel that we are using. How much difference can there be between different fuels from different sources? Well, we have it on good […]

Designing advanced fuels to go into advanced engines

After five years of scrupulous testing in harsh conditions, BP claims to have created a fuel that will tackle the problematic issue of dirt in the engine. Even a microscopic amount of dirt can have an adverse effect on a car’s performance, reducing economy and clogging up vital components such as fuel injectors and intake […]

Chipping away at fuel economy?

I’ve not written in a while, but I thought you might like an update on my Outlander. (Disappointing fuel economy – Issue 338. Doc.) I cannot think about replacing my tyres for a while until mine need replacing (I had suggested Tony looking at alternative and more fuel economical tyres. Doc.) Despite your concerns about […]

The Extra Mile: April

If you’re a regular user of premium diesel fuels, or are sometimes tempted by their appeal, then you really need to see a tangible return on the extra £5 to £10 you will pay for every fill up.

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