Dear Doc, Hope you are keeping well. When the Ford Fiesta was having its fifth service at my local Ford dealer a couple of months ago, they told me that there was an update to be done to the car’s brain and that this would be carried out free of charge. The car is running […]


Dear Doc, This might seem like an odd question, but does diesel go off? Stupidly, I filled my CR-V with diesel just before the lockdown was introduced and the car has been off the road ever since. By the time the lockdown has been lifted, it could be three or four months of inactivity for […]

Weighty Question

Dear Doctor   Re: Modern vehicles and their specified towing weights: Would you please explain the relationship between vehicle kerb weight and trailer gross weight? It would seem the Caravan Club’s advice of 85 per cent for trailer weight against towing vehicle weight is no longer valid in the modern vehicle manufacturers’ world. Your data […]

Finely fettled Fiesta

Hot hatches aren’t just the preserve of petrol power, as this modified Fiesta proves.

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