Additional hurdles in the race to zero

Another month passes and if anything, the headwinds facing the electric switchover have grown. First, some new evidence on the extent of the problems with public charging in the UK. The Times newspaper, basing its calculations on Department for Transport and SMMT data, has worked out that the ratio of EVs to charging points has […]

Our resident EV owner and expert, David Wilkins, examines the world of electrification

Next year, the previously unthinkable will happen, at least according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Sales of electric cars are expected to exceed those of diesels in 2022, and by a comfortable margin – 260,000 EVs, to be precise, compared with 221,000 diesels. Of course, forecasting is always a hazardous game, and […]

The solid-state electric vehicle battery

Current lithium-ion (Li-ion) electric vehicle battery technology and production is continually being refined, and has progressively reduced battery costs over recent years, but rising raw material costs now threaten that progress. Projections of data showing falling Li-ion battery costs over a decade are being made when there’s no certainty of past performance being replicated. With […]

Will my EV battery deteriorate like the one in my smartphone does?

Next to driving range, the life of an EV’s battery pack is often one of the biggest worries cited by prospective electric car buyers. It’s hardly a surprise, given that we’ve all experienced the reduction in battery life of smartphones and other technology after just a few years use, which often then become disposable items. […]

Bright Spark

One of the most frequent grumbles about electric cars in the early years was that the choice was very limited. The main options were the Renault Zoe, the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S. These cars have all proven themselves and are still with us on the new car market a decade or so […]

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