Knock Knock, who’s there? Rich Oil Companies!

Hello Doctor.      I couldn’t help but think of you when I read a letter in the ìHonest Johnî letters column in last Saturday’s Daily Telegraph. Someone wrote in asking about the benefits of using premium petrol in his BMW 535i, and was told that premium petrol would give him up to 10 per […]

New wheels for Bill

Dear Doc, I regret that this may be my last communication in relation to my Vengaís appetite for winter diesel. (We shall all miss your updates! Doc.) I will shortly be swapping it for a Mazda 2 diesel, first registered March 2016, and with 7,000 odd miles on the clock. Despite your reservations about the […]

The Extra Mile: April

If you’re a regular user of premium diesel fuels, or are sometimes tempted by their appeal, then you really need to see a tangible return on the extra £5 to £10 you will pay for every fill up.

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