Oh my, Gordon

I have just returned from France, where my EGR decided to give up the ghost. This meant that it had to be changed in Poitiers. On having this done, I noticed that the engine stuttered all the way back to my St Malo home, as if it were a petrol engine suffering from an ignition […]

Everyone a Wynner?

I have a 2010 Skoda Fabia 1.6 TDI that’s been in the garage a couple of times recently, due to flashing glow plug lights. My garage’s computer says it’s an EGR failure. To be fair to them, they’ve tried the cheap fix first (changing the EGR solenoid), but I’ve just had to limp home seventy […]

The changing face of motoring

Dear Doctor,   It seems that we are now in exciting, but dangerous times. The speed with which the motoring scene is changing is often hard to keep up with, particularly if you are a veteran driver brought up with the worst of the British motor industry’s post-WW2 products. These were mainly revived pre-war models, […]

Turbo turmoil

Dear Doctor Diesel,   How do turbochargers get contaminated with whatever they do, for the vanes to get stuck? The air enters via the air filter and then arrives at the turbo to proceed to the inlet manifold via the intercooler and EGR. I am at something of a loss as to where the awful […]

Big wheels on my wagon?

I have a Ford Transit Sport, 2012, (Mk 7, old style) and now out of warranty. It’s had a few issues, the oil pump being one, which I gather isn’t unusual on Ford Puma diesel engines of a certain age. Plus it has gone through two EGR valves, a whole air intake manifold, and a […]

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